Grenzen 4

Die Welt in Kinderhänden

When we talk about frontiers, normally we think of territories and nations. But today there is also an important borderline between the generations: our present on the one side, on the other the future of our children. At this frontier we fight another kind of war – or we build another kind of peace. Depending on which side of the line we stand, we see the present world as the ending of our past or as the beginning of our future. The questions are: Under whose perspective should we change the face of the earth? In whose hands is the world? How is justice and peace between the generations possible?

In the background we see a present picture of the English Channel. But it is not sharp. The version in the ball of glass as a symbol of future, which is hold by one of my children, is clear – but converted.


Zum Gesamtprojekt Grenzen.